My Dear Jars

My Dear Jars

My morning generally starts with this view, a dog laying on the left side of my chair, and on my right a cat or two curled up in the patch of sunlight on the floor. 

I cherish the quiet after the boys head off to school and James still snoozing in bed. Those moments allow me to focus on my day's tasks and what needs to be done soon, like re-doing the dining room and sorting through some of our collections. Though, this morning my mind wandered and today I spent some of those quiet moments reminiscing on how James and Jess' House of Goods came to be. And I am so grateful to be able to go on this adventure with the ones I love dearly. 

Years ago, James and I were commuting back and forth the DC area every morning. Twelve long hours away from home each day. James was building high rises and I was in molecular biology research. We had four boys, from preschool to highschool and realized, although the pay was great, we wanted more time with our family and to be closer to home. So we had to make some changes and we did.

Sitting here looking out the window, I can't believe this all started with these pieces of glass illuminating color in the sunlight.

Old Canning Jars-A Memory Capsule

You might see these as empty vessels that can be easily discarded, but I see them as a beautiful time capsule. I realized these very pieces hold some of our memories on how James and Jess' House of Goods was born and the opportunities it gave our family. 

So, my dear jars, you will remain on display as a reminder of how something so simple can turn into something so amazing.


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