Buy, Hustle, Repeat

Buy, Hustle, Repeat

Once upon a time, our grand concern was rustling up enough goodies to kickstart our crafty venture. Oh, how we chuckle now at our past doubts! Believe it or not, the treasure troves of vintage goodies are still out there waiting to be discovered. Sometimes it's a matter of hitting the road or sparking a chat with a complete stranger. You'd be amazed at what folks squirrel away – or who they might know that's been stockpiling goodies for decades, even generations.

Our journey commenced with forays into flea markets and thrift stores, snatching up stuff that caught our fancy and seemed ripe for flipping. Then came the marathon 12-hour auctions that often ended with just a handful of gems. Those were the early years, but as we built connections within the picking and collecting circles, things started looking up. Building these relationships sometimes meant rendezvousing at 3 AM, often miles away from home. But it also meant scoring the crème de la crème and hauling back truckloads of fresh finds. Back then, it was all about burning the candle at both ends, working our tails off and keeping the patience and support of our family intact.

Our business began with a mere $500 investment and has since transformed into a thriving family affair that's been running strong for nearly a decade. Thanks to our sheer grit and determination, we've forged a spirited community around our little venture. While the long haul days have eased up a bit, we still manage to snag an array of rad vintage pieces. The game of buying, hustling, and repeating continues, but with a touch more finesse. The hustle was real – and boy, was it worth it! And guess what? There are still heaps of rad collections out there just waiting for us, or even you, to uncover. So go on, embrace the hunt and let the good times roll!


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